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1212 Abbe Road N Suite B, Elyria, OH 44035-1600

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The right frames for you

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Joseph Van Keuren O.D. is serious about your eyesight and can help you pick out a stylish pair of frames or fit you for contact lenses so you can see clearly.

Dr. Van Keuren is also state certified to treat diseases of the eye. If you've had a drastic shift in your vision or it’s time for your annual exam, call today to make an appointment.

Enjoy the convenience of our full-service laboratory and optical center. We accept Medicare and most insurances. So, caring for your eyesight has never been easier!

Open your eyes and call Joseph Van Keuren O.D. for a convenient appointment today!

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Eye Conditions

Contact Lenses

From designer frames and sports glasses to prescription sunglasses, we have the right glasses for your lifestyle!

From minor issues such as dry eye to more complex conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, we can diagnose and treat your eye problems.

Break away from your everyday glasses and make an appointment with us today for your FREE contact lens evaluation!




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